I help busy leaders within some of the UK’s largest organisations realise their full potential. I can do the same for you.


You’ll find it doesn’t always feel like ‘coaching’. Sometimes it feels like a conversation with an expert who’s on your side.  My clients tell me they wish they’d done it years ago.


A brief history of CALM

My first senior leadership position was with the NHS. You can read how that experience shaped my current work.


By the early 1990s, I was a leadership development consultant for a global management consultancy firm and by 1995 I’d discovered that coaching was my ‘thing’. Since then I’ve developed a wealth of cross-industry experience and a comprehensive Blended Coaching approach that means you get support that’s personalised and tailored to your unique needs. There’s not a cookie cutter or sheep dip in sight.


It’s how I’ve helped thousands of people become the leaders they want to be; the leaders the organisations with which I work need. This is what I do:


Executive coaching programmes: For individual senior leaders facing promotion to strategic roles including Directorships.

Leadership development programmes: Design and delivery of one to one and group development programmes which embed practical learning…

Leadership coaching programmes: For the technical experts who need to step back from ‘doing’ and lead and deliver through their teams.

Coaching support: For personal, individual help to address specific skills gaps, confidence or behavioural style issues.


Find the confidential, expert help you need to enjoy being a brilliant leader.

Find the right CALM programme for you, or for more information please contact me.