The skills to lead
The confidence to excel

“I didn’t know I needed coaching until I met Debbie.”
– Head of Control Function with one of the UK’s largest financial institutions

“It was so notable from both my boss and my team that I had had a session with Debbie.”

You’re faced with role change, organisational change, promotion or redundancy. Perhaps you want to love the job you’re in, find a new job which stretches you, or build on the skills that have brought you this far. I can help.

Trusted support for senior executives

It’s funny isn’t it? The higher you progress, the smaller your pool of confidantes becomes. There are some things you can’t share with your manager, peers or direct reports. That’s when a coach can make all the difference.

The development you can’t ask for at work

If any of these statements apply to you, CALM Business Coaching can transform the way you work:

  • You’re skilled and confident but you feel you now need to take proper control of your career path
  • You’re on the fast track to the top and have a superb reputation. Now you feel you need an impartial, confidential mentor to help put your ideas to the test.
  • You know you’re a good role model in your business but you’ve never felt particularly confident in your leadership skills. Perhaps you’ve never even thought of yourself as a leader
  • You and your team are under immense pressure brought about by restructuring, cost cutting and rationalisation
  • You’re a technical expert who finds themselves in the role of “Accidental Leader”
  • You want to refresh your techniques for coaching others, delegating, influencing upwards, having difficult conversations or building a high performing team.

For leaders with their eye on the next job. For leaders who love the job they’re in. And for leaders who wish they did. CALM Business Coaching is for you. Please contact me or call me on 07786 936041