79% of medium and large UK businesses use coaching of some type to support their high growth ambitions*. Why?

*CIPD research study


Perhaps it’s because, as Fortune Magazine simply puts it: “Business coaching works.”

Or perhaps it’s because “Coaching dramatically improves working relationships between leaders, direct reports, and their respective teams, demonstrating a 5:1 return on investment.” (Manchester Consulting).


Coach. Strategist. Confidante.


You haven’t reached your current role without knowing a thing or two about leading the people around you. So you might rightly ask what makes me so certain that you need coaching?


Actually, it may not be coaching that you need right now. But you might value an expert confidante to help protect the reputation you’ve spent years building.  Or at the other end of the spectrum, perhaps you’ve a particular task for which you feel curiously out of your depth. When there’s something you just don’t know, coaching alone won’t help. You need answers. Usually quick ones.


CALM Business Coaching is for wherever you are on that spectrum. Read more about my Blended Coaching approach here.


Why CALM Business Coaching?


You need to choose the right coach/mentor/confidante; someone with the skillset to support your ambitions and the credibility of personal experience as a senior leader. I will:

  • Be your personal ‘non exec-director’
  • Be your sounding board and problem solving partner
  • Be an honest friend, mentor  and trusted confidante
  • Be your cheerleader, personal strategist or career navigator


And I’ll help you:

  • See through distractions, work more efficiently and effectively, and celebrate success
  • Respond to the challenges of change and enhance your organisation’s competitive edge


Be the leader you want to be with CALM Business Coaching.


Find the right CALM programme for you or your organisation, or contact me for more information.