CALM is the unique methodology I’ve developed over thousands of hours of supporting business leaders in a huge range of corporate roles.


I know it works – and so do my clients. You can find out what they think on the testimonials page.


It’s also CALM because that’s how my clients say they feel as a result of it. I bring the expert support and practical tools and techniques that give you a fresh perspective on your role. You bring the issues and challenges you face every day. Together we’ll focus on your desired outcomes, and plan a route to take you there. Here’s how…





What do you really want?  And really not want? Powerful questioning techniques define what your vision of success looks like in high definition. Empathic, insightful challenge and feedback enable you to get super-clear.





What strengths have brought you this far? What do others value about how you work? What is the effect of your personal style? And how does the business environment in which you operate affect the things you can control or influence? Using just the right selection of tools and approaches for you and your situation we’ll work through a thorough, bespoke analysis of the skills and attitudes that serve you well, or need enhancing.





Develop the self- awareness, self-belief and ‘personal branding’ that enable you to thrive. Then focus on your priorities for change and take the practical steps towards a vision of leadership that is now perfectly achievable.





The highly practical steps to take control of your leadership role and career. The quick wins to keep you motivated. And the contingencies to keep you feeling in charge of your own destiny.


The steps to clarity, control and a fulfilling career begin with CALM. Find the ideal CALM programme for you or, to find out more, please contact me.

Being CALM

Even the most pressing matters are easier when you apply a little CALM. In fact, it’s usually when things are most urgent that clarity and focus are at their most elusive.


That’s when having expertise, resources, a sounding board and an ally at the end of the phone can make all the difference.


Proper time out to make a proper, proven difference. Surely you deserve that?