“Rather than allowing issues to fester and internalising my thoughts, I now address issues more directly and feel confident to voice my opinions.”

“You have the uncanny knack of asking me the questions I know need to be asked but have been avoiding!”


Who is it for?

  • Most of the time you like your job – but you suspect you could be a better, happier, more successful leader. Perhaps you can’t pinpoint the problem.  Or maybe you know exactly where the issue lies but don’t know what to do about it.
  • You’re a highly skilled professional/technical expert. Now in a leadership role, you feel vulnerable. You realise you need new skills to support the ones that brought you this far.
  • Perhaps it’s the golden handcuffs and share options, or maybe the limited opportunities elsewhere, but you feel trapped. The frustration is affecting your work and your life.
  • Your job rocks! You love what you do, and there’s potential for so much more. You want to develop your performance and business relationships, and make yourself the obvious candidate for that next promotion.


You want clarity and a practical plan of action. And you don’t want to put it off any longer…


What is A CALM Day?

You’ll be surprised at the difference a day can make. Take one CALM day out in a relaxing, informal environment to refocus, remotivate, and regain control. Tomorrow, you’ll set out with a new, personalised map of prioritised goals, a practical and achievable action plan, and the tools and techniques you need to make it all happen.


It’s like looking at your life in high definition. Establish clear, focussed goals. Understand the gaps in your leadership toolbox. Challenge the assumptions that are holding you back and discover just how much you can control and influence… you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


Together, we’ll create and harness a tailor-made mix of proven tools and techniques to help you:

  • Lead more effectively, adapt your style, develop your influencing skills and build more productive relationships
  • Improve self-awareness and address any blocks to your confidence
  • Manage your boss
  • Control your workload
  • Let go, delegate and deliver results through your team
  • Identify and seize new opportunities


You’ll identify quick wins to build motivation, proof your plans against derailment and build in strategies for ongoing support.


Programme includes:

  • A full day focused on you, your business leadership role and career
  • A relaxed working lunch
  • Time out between coaching sessions (see ‘Being CALM’) to re-energise
  • A personal, bespoke map – your plan of action formed as a result of our work which you are excited about starting on right away
  • All assessments and profiling tools, worksheets and exercises
  • Two follow up coaching calls


Being CALM

CALM Business Coaching doesn’t take place in your office. It doesn’t happen while the phone’s ringing or the email’s merrily chiming away. CALM is what happens when you give yourself the space to think differently.

It’s a break – a challenging, thought provoking, productive break – but a break nonetheless. It’s informal and friendly. We usually meet somewhere that makes thinking new thoughts easier: the countryside, by a river or by the sea. I usually find tea and cake helps too.

Proper time out to make a proper, proven difference. Surely you deserve that?


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