“Sometimes you need a person who has an impartial / honest view to help guide you in a particular way which a colleague might not do or be prepared to commit to.”


Who is it for?

Leaders facing organisational change, promotion or reassignment.


What is CALM Career Clarity and Control?

There’s opportunity in organisational restructuring. The uncertainty of having to apply for your own job, or of being moved in to a new role need not be the negative we’re often so swift to assume. Change really could be uplifting, reenergising, even liberating. It could take your career in an exciting new direction. I’ll show you how.


Together we’ll analyse and clarify your strengths, preferences and goals. Then, by aligning the leader you are with the shifting situation around you, we’ll identify the opportunities you may have missed, and put plans in place to seize them.


Programme Structure

  • Two 90 minute sessions*
  • Two 30 minute set-up/follow up phone sessions
  • Includes detailed worksheets, psychometrics and exercises


Being CALM

CALM Business Coaching doesn’t take place in your office. It doesn’t happen while the phone’s ringing or the email’s merrily chiming away. CALM is what happens when you give yourself the space to think differently.

It’s a break – a challenging, thought provoking, productive break – but a break nonetheless. It’s informal and friendly. We usually meet somewhere that makes thinking new thoughts easier: the countryside, by a river or by the sea. I usually find tea and cake helps too.

Proper time out to make a proper, proven difference. Surely you deserve that?


* Sessions are face to face in Bath, Bristol, Reading, Burford, Cirencester and Newbury, or by telephone. Sessions in London (away from your workplace) can be arranged for an additional fee.


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