“This has been a really valuable coaching experience for me, helping me to work through for myself life changing issues, to see the wood for the trees, and find a way forward – highly recommended.”


Who is it for?

CALM Competence is geared to support the ‘accidental’, new or newly promoted leader in a senior position.


What is CALM Competence?

Some gaps in your leadership ‘tool kit’ matter more than others. They are the skills your organisation expects and against which you will be appraised.  Fix them, and you’ll be able to deliver more with confidence.


CALM Competence is a bespoke leadership development programme where you are the only delegate. Together we’ll identify the specific competencies and behaviours against which you’re being assessed. We’ll analyse and clarify your strengths and put practical steps in place to address the areas where you feel exposed. Over the duration of the programme you’ll find you can beat those Monday morning feelings when the heart sinks and the stomach churns start to diminish. And they’ll stay beaten.


Each session is tailored to your specific requirements and could include:

  • How to delegate and let go
  • Becoming more influential
  • How to be more assertive
  • Developing and coaching others
  • Managing managers
  • Techniques for difficult conversations


Programme structure

6 x 90 minute face-to-face or phone coaching sessions supported by a comprehensive resource workbook.


Being CALM

CALM Business Coaching doesn’t take place in your office. It doesn’t happen while the phone’s ringing or the email’s merrily chiming away. CALM is what happens when you give yourself the space to think differently. 

It’s a break – a challenging, thought provoking, productive break – but a break nonetheless. It’s informal and friendly. We usually meet somewhere that makes thinking new thoughts easier: the countryside, by a river or by the sea. I usually find tea and cake helps too.

Proper time out to make a proper, proven difference. Surely you deserve that?

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