“Gives me real perspective as well as tools and techniques which can help me find a way through the challenge.”

“Regardless of the turmoil before or after my sessions with Debbie,  it was good to be able to take the time for thoughtful contemplation. Debbie was able to channel my verbal outpourings into the key issues.”


Who is it for?

Executive leaders who have already experienced CALM Business Coaching at any workshop or on any programme, corporate or private.


What is Continuing CALM?

Being a leader may be something you do, but it’s not necessarily something you feel. Outside forces and personal choices, moments of success and moments you’d rather forget have shaped who you are as a leader. Yet the more senior you are, the more isolated you probably feel from those who could help you change and develop.


Through the Continuing CALM one-to-one coaching programme I’ll help you reach your professional goals by:

  • Being the expert confidante who will listen, challenge, support and add value to your thinking
  • Providing the secure, confidential space in which you can clarify your next move, and develop the strategy for achieving it
  • Bringing clarity to your role; helping you refocus, and see the opportunities open to you
  • Building on previous learning.


Programme structure

A 4, 6 or 12 month programme designed and tailored towards specific, agreed goals. Includes:

  • X 90 minute sessions *
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • “Emergency” session time in preparation for key conversations, meetings or presentations


Being CALM

CALM Business Coaching doesn’t take place in your office. It doesn’t happen while the phone’s ringing or the email’s merrily chiming away. CALM is what happens when you give yourself the space to think differently.

It’s a break – a challenging, thought provoking, productive break – but a break nonetheless. It’s informal and friendly. We usually meet somewhere that makes thinking new thoughts easier: the countryside, by a river or by the sea. I usually find tea and cake helps too.

Proper time out to make a proper, proven difference. Surely you deserve that?


* Sessions are face to face in Bath, Bristol, Reading, Burford, Cirencester and Newbury, or by telephone.


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