“[Debbie] has an amazing ability to help you unlock what’s going on in your head, put it into some semblance of order and context, and then help you work out how to approach future challenges with a new found confidence and fresh perspective.”

“Debbie proved that good coaching can quite literally help change your life!”


Who is it for?

  • You’re a successful leader in search of new challenges.
  • You suspect you could be a better, happier, more successful leader – but you’re not sure whether success lies in making more of the job you have or in looking elsewhere.
  • You feel trapped. You can’t afford to leave your job but the frustration is affecting your work and your life. You want to love your job but at the moment the Monday morning feeling starts on Friday night.
  • You’re eager for progression. You want to make yourself the obvious candidate when the time is right to move up or move on.


What is Strength to Stay; the Courage to Move On?

What if the life-changing plans you make while you’re on holiday were more than ‘deck-chair dreams’? What if, with help, you could finally love the job you’re in, move to your ideal role, or become the leader you always hoped you would be?


The CALM signature programme is your blueprint for taking control of a calm, energised and confident corporate life. Together we’ll put practical plans in place to make your current role more fulfilling and enjoyable, enable you to move on… or maybe both!


  • Calm blue water: Good decision-making requires space and clarity. Give yourself the CALM space to make better decisions in work, in life and about your career.
  • Refresh. Refocus. Renew: It’s easy to fall into a pattern of thinking and feeling a certain way about your work. Yet all the challenge and fulfilment you’re seeking could be hiding in plain sight. I’ll help you see your existing role in a whole new light.
  • Be better: It’s hard to get better on your own – and at your level within the organisation, chances are there are few people you can turn to for help.


I’ll help drive your continual professional development. We’ll fill the gaps in your leadership toolkit. And I’ll help give you the motivation, challenge and energy to improve – so you feel confident and in control, whether you decide to stay or go.


  • Leadership your way: When leadership comes naturally you achieve better results with less stress. Your team and organisation reap the benefits. And any potential new employer is impressed by your authenticity. Discover the benefits of leading in a way that fits your personality and aligns with your preferred style.
  • The lonely leader’s life: When the buck stops with you, often the support does too. Find the expert ally, confidante or mentor to help develop, challenge, reposition or refresh your thinking.
  • Career pathways: Know your direction and you can plan for it. Understand whether an onwards, upwards or sideways career move would deliver the challenge or rewards you seek. Define your ideal next move in exquisite detail.
  • Get your act together: Define your personal brand. Build a powerful CV and biography and tap into a trove of online and offline networks. Identify and connect with your ideal employers and implement a job search strategy that rewards you.


Programme includes:

  • Six month face to face* coaching programme
  • Unlimited email support
  • Psychometric, career survey and other leadership profiling tools
  • Access to industry leading CV builder software, online career search support and recruitment agency/ employer databases
  • Access to a comprehensive library of video and audio resources to build your confidence and success in job applications, interviews, assessment centres etc
  • Video recorded practice interview sessions


Being CALM

CALM Business Coaching doesn’t take place in your office. It doesn’t happen while the phone’s ringing or the email’s merrily chiming away. CALM is what happens when you give yourself the space to think differently.

It’s a break – a challenging, thought provoking, productive break – but a break nonetheless. It’s informal and friendly. We usually meet somewhere that makes thinking new thoughts easier: the countryside, by a river or by the sea. I usually find tea and cake helps too.

Proper time out to make a proper, proven difference. Surely you deserve that?


* Sessions are face to face in Bath, Bristol, Reading, Burford, Cirencester and Newbury, or by telephone. Sessions in London (away from your workplace) can be arranged for an additional fee.


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