..”thought you would be interested to know that I have at last secured a (grade) promotion!!


A problem as you know was my own reservations going into the interview process and despite two unsuccessful applications in Qtr 4 (which incidentally were my 7th and 8th consecutive failed job applications!) I persevered and for my last two applications in January I was successful in both – like busses, wait for ages and then……..!!!


Two weeks ago I am pleased to say that I was offered two (grade) roles; on the same day and needed to reflect long and hard against the brand and values we worked on together, to help me decide the right option. These values were REALLY helpful and I have now accepted a (role) in Commercial Finance as Senior Client Manager…….


The feedback I had post interview from my new boss was that she was so impressed that I have now been also added to a (higher grade) succession list for one of the four Client Director positions in CF………I  have not even started the new role yet!!


I think it is without doubt that the programme last year has made me think differently about the value I add (and myself) and this is translating into the way I am presenting myself. I do now see myself as Leader and whilst I have no experience in the technical aspects of the new role, I am totally confident that I will make a difference to the new team and we will be successful. My old team are pleased for me but also gutted that I am moving on which is heartening.


Onwards and upwards then and for this I thank you for all your help.
Regards and a BIG thank you”


Andy – Senior Client Manager, International Commercial Bank