Debbie is able not only to listen well, but also to ensure that my narrative is directed to a purpose.


She is able to pick up on what appear to be minor points and help you to get the heart of the issue.


The key features of her approach that worked for me? The gentle but persistent way that I was made to face my issues. And the way that Debbie helped me to focus on the underlying issue which had often been lost to me.


During our sessions I experienced an oasis of calm. Regardless of the turmoil before or after my sessions with Debbie it was good to take the time out for thoughtful contemplation. She was able to channel my verbal outpourings into the key issues. I felt that the exercise was cathartic. At times I thought there may be nothing to talk about but once I started unfortunately for Debbie there was no stopping me. After the sessions, I felt up to the challenges that we had discussed. I had an array of options to overcome the issues or different ways to interact with people.


Rather than allowing issues to fester and internalising my thoughts, I now address issues more directly and feel confident to voice my opinions. I also assess people’s profiles and work out the best approach to get them to listen. In difficult situations I often find myself considering how Debbie would advise me to think about approaching this topic.