Julie leads project delivery for one of the UK’s largest commercial banks.


“Like everyone else, we’re facing organisational change. That can affect you; knock your confidence. Those changes can mean you have to adapt swiftly – sometimes into roles where you’re initially uncomfortable.


I’m good at what I do. I’ve got a good track record – but that creates pressure of its own. I don’t want to fail now. You tend to think you can always cope because you always have, but as the pace and degree of change increase you can find yourself needing help. It can be difficult to find that help within your organisation.


Debbie is the trusted person who’s always on your side. She brings a wealth of personal experience – and it’s always supported by relevant, helpful theory which helps you address issues in a very practical way.


She does more than help me explore issues. She helps me fix them. Yet she does it in a way that means you don’t feel as if you’re being coached. It feels like an in-depth professional conversation with a real expert.


I may not always arrive with a list of issues to address. Sometimes I’m not even sure what the issues are. But Debbie has an incredible knack of getting to the heart of it – of drawing the issues out of you.


I arrive with a head full of ‘stuff’. I leave with clarity.”