Kara is Head of Control Function with one of the UK’s largest high street banks.


“I’d never done ‘strategy’ before. I think there was a natural assumption, given my role, that I had years of experience, but it was just something that had evaded me. So when I needed to set out the strategic objectives for my team, present to senior leaders, and engage my team in the change, I knew I needed Debbie.


The wonderful thing about Debbie is that when you need a coach to help you find your own way to a solution she’s amazing. And when you’re unsure where to start and need the practical tools to do the job she’s an astute instructor.


Debbie led me through the steps that enabled me to pull a professional strategy together. She gave me the confidence to succeed when I wasn’t sure I could. And we worked together on embedding the strategy – so that once the presentation was done I could take my team with me and drive real change.


My presentation was recognised as being one of the best the senior leadership had seen. I still believe it’s my single greatest professional achievement. I did it. But I couldn’t have done it without Debbie.


She is my confidential trusted advisor with a talent for making me feel energised and enthused. So many people can drain energy. She gives it – so that I leave each session believing in myself more than I ever did.”